What is CrossFit?

Crossfit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. But what does that mean.... its a fitness regimen developed to prepare you for real life moments; from picking your child up off the floor to helping a stranger push their car to the side of the road. We blend a healthy mix of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. workouts are done in group sessions programmed to scale any ATHLETES fitness level.

How long and when are classes offered?

Classes are one hour in length that consist of a warm up, a strength building portion and a workout portion. Throughout the duration of class, your coach is explaining and teaching proper movement, and offering and recommending scaled options.

How big are class sizes?

Our classes can accommodate up to 16 people. Our aim is not to cram as many people as we can into the gym, but to make sure your coach is able to provide the utmost attention to each member while keeping a safe environment during your workout.

Do you offer any other programs besides the regular programmed classes?

Aside from group classes, we offer CardioFit and personal training sessions.

I have an old injury, am I still able to do the workouts each day?

Absolutely! Your coach will modify the workout to your needs.

Can the coach hold my baby while I workout?

While your coach isn't there to babysit, we do offer a designated area for kids.